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Has a lightning bolt hit your home? If so, the wiring inside your walls may have been compromised. Only a professional electrician with the correct equipment can examine, diagnose, and repair wiring damage.

Residential Wiring 

Electricity flows to your lights and appliances from the power company through your panel, its breakers, out on your circuits and back. There are Many connections along these paths that can be disrupted or fail, And there are many ways that electricity could go places you don’t want it to.

How do I know if I might have a serious problem with my electrical system?

Many people assume an electrical system will last forever. But the truth is these systems are affected by maintenance issues just like everything else. The first step is to locate your electrical panel. It’s usually housed in a metal box that is gray or painted to match a wall. Electrical panels can usually be found in a closet, basement, garage, utility room, or laundry room.

Symptoms of electrical panel problems include fuses that frequently blow, breakers constantly tripping, flickering lights within a structure, and melted wires. In more serious cases, overheating, fire, and shocks can result. We advise against simply turning off one appliance simply to use another. In such a case a serious safety issue could exist, and the problem requires attention from a skilled technician like the professionals at Top Dog Electric. It could be your electrical panel is obsolete, or a low-quality system was installed at the time of construction. Listen for crackling sounds from your panel box, and look for rust on the breakers and panel.

Take immediate action if you notice appliances are running at less than full power, or you frequently are forced to use extension cords to meet your energy needs. A renovation project, especially a kitchen, will probably require a new electrical panel to meet the needs of today’s appliances and be wary of relying on an old electrical panel if you are building a home addition or have purchased a new temperature system, power equipment, or spa.

Even homes built as recently as the 1980s have been discovered to have unsafe, deteriorating electrical panel systems. Protect your investment and make sure you have this vital system professionally installed and operating properly.

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