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Has a lightning bolt hit your home? If so, the wiring inside your walls may have been compromised. Only a professional electrician with the correct equipment can examine, diagnose, and repair wiring damage.

Commercial Service

Top Dog Electric handles all types of commercial wiring from your basic electrical maintenance to more advanced repairs. My team is personally trained on the right way to do things and I have been an electrician for over 40 years, we specialize in identifying the underlying causes instead of just focusing on the immediate issue. We are not there to do just do the bare minimum. Our goal is to fix the problem, and get you up and running with the minimum of expensive downtime.

However beyond the immediate repair we want to find what caused the problem in the first place. By addressing any underlying electrical issues we can prevent costly future downtime from striking at the worst time. Needless outages are costly and we know how they can dramatically affect production, and your company’s bottom line.

Our most common request is to change out older lighting systems for their modern, more efficient counterparts. By renovating old fluorescent lighting fixtures to new more modern fluorescent TH or LED lighting you will experience a dramatic decrease in both your energy costs, as well as the time saved in replacing bulbs. A properly installed LED lighting system has an estimated 20 year life expectancy on each light. LED lights Broward County also use dramatically less energy and do not generate heat. Finally they can be lowered to a manageable height and still be effective.

We recently worked with a customer who had 36 foot ceilings and required special equipment to come out and replace burned out bulbs once a year in order to pass their safety inspections. By replacing these fixtures our customer is now saving money, and will not need to rent special equipment to replace those bulbs, as they are expected to last for two decades. Their energy savings also quickly paid off the cost of the work, and is now saving them money every month. The return on investment on energy efficient lighting and electrical upgrades is very fast.

We can also repair and replace all electric motor driven devices. Those motors are mostly commonly seen in wall and ceiling exhaust fans. However we are licensed to repair any electric motor and provide service of landscape lighting broward county. Whether you need new bearings, new shafts, or a complete motor rebuild. We can handle any type of electrical motor or control wiring.

To further help with energy efficiency we can install programmable thermostats. These thermostats allow control of the temperature as well as the ability to turn off any heating or cooling at night, and turn it back on before you and your employees arrive for the day. These thermostats are also bluetooth enabled so it can be controlled from work or home. Allowing complete remote control. We can also add occupancy sensors to disable lights when people are not in rooms, to further save on landscape lighting costs.

We also offer complete security camera installation and wiring. This is often done with a customer supplied camera system, allowing them to personalize their exact number of cameras. We do not require you to purchase your system from us. Just let us know how many cameras you would like wired, and their locations, and we can take care of the rest. We can install any new system, or add more cameras to an existing system depending on your needs.

Surge protection can be vital for protecting expensive mission critical electrical equipment from damage from electrical surges. We can protect the whole building from surge suppression or protect specific units depending on your needs. It is important to understand that power surges are not just caused by lightning. The most common power surges are caused by power outages.

When a power outage occurs everything comes back on at once. Which means everyone is drawing from the same power bank, simultaneously. This causes the system to send more power down the lines to meet everyone’s immediate energy needs. This is why most voltage surges come from the initial drain from the transformer. A properly installed surge protector clamps down to keep your electrical voltage at a certain level, and prevent the erratic voltage spike from hitting your sensitive equipment. This allows your power strip surge protectors to serve as a secondary line of defense, as these strips cannot stop much compared to a professionally installed surge protection system on the main power line itself. Proper surge suppression prevents downtime of business due to equipment being unable to handle a sudden massive power surge.

We also perform emergency and exit lighting repairs and installation for your mandatory fire inspection report. We are familiar with the criteria inspectors will use for these inspections and can handle all electrical items on fire inspection report. This includes all 40 year inspection repairs. Per law all buildings 40 years or older have to have these mandatory inspections. The good news is that you do not have to bring the building up to today’s code, but do need to address safety issues. The most common safety issues seen in these reports are electrical in nature and we can repair them, preventing needless downtime for your business.

Many of our larger customers contact us for Giant Fan Installation to improve airflow in large sealed areas. These giant fans can project air 300 feet out to create air flow in large warehouse areas. We are able to both supply and install these units. Additionally we can work with roofer and mechanical contractors to install ceiling and building ventilation to improve cooling, airflow, and comfort.

Commercial Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel replacement is becoming increasingly common in our area due to problems with several manufacturers panels not working properly. Currently if you have a panel from Federal Pacific, Zinsco (also known as Sylvania), and Old Challenger you may need to replace your panel in order to get building insurance. This is due to Federal Pacific and Old Challenger models will not prevent power surges causing other devices to catch fire. Zinsco’s however will attempt to stop the surge but may catch fire in the process.

These old units overheat. This causes power arc’s, bus bars can melt, breakers do not trip on a short and cause a fire. Damage from an arcing breaker can severely damage any electrical equipment due to the erratic voltages which is costly to repair and leave your system down in the meantime.We provide facility of Cloth Wiring Replacement Broward County.

For these reasons insurance underwriters will mandate their replacement before writing a policy. Due to the potential damages to property, and equipment we recommend replacing these units as soon as possible. If you suspect your unit is one of the mentioned please contact us so we can discuss installing panel that will bring you up to code. The majority of our calls are related to these older systems and we recommend replacement. Electrical equipment has a shelf life due to vibrating, heating up, and cooling down.

I am licensed to perform thermal inspections Broward County and use the latest technology in thermal imaging. Every electrical problem involves heat. When you use a thermal camera you can stand back and take a view at an entire electrical system. As a licensed thermography, this allows me to identify any specific trouble areas. From there I can use the camera to zoom in on every problem to identifying an exact underlying issue. This identifies every problem both current and forthcoming as any abnormalities in your electrical system show up.

Finally I can perform Megaohm testing for conductors. If you have failing conductors this test device will locate it before it becomes an expensive repair. Using our equipment we measure leakage through insulation. This will let you know if you have arcing or a dangerous situation. Old buildings are done in an EMT conduit which was not designed for wet or damp locations, but was placed in concrete which is a damp location.

This leads to rust and the conduit begins closing like an artery. This squeezes the wiring, causing insulation failure and current leaking into the ground. You would not notice this until it begins to overload the breaker, and damage your main breaker. We can test any old metal conduits that go through the ground to identify issues. Any time you have a main breaker that trips, never just change the main breaker. Many times these main breakers are thousands of dollars to change, and cannot be returned. You need to identify the underlying issue. We often find a megaohm test solves the problem. By ignoring the underlying issues this leads to massive needless out of pocket expenses that can be prevented by a megaohm test of your conduits.

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